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legendary program sochi 2014 figure skating Mao Asada Olympics 2014 she was so so so good and i'm so proud of her thank you for this performance
dc comics wonder woman Adrianne Palicki Kimberly Kane Wonder Woman XXX
  • casual:well I mean if I had to ship them with someone it'd be them
  • aggressive:they can't fucking stand each other omg I love this
  • angsty:one of you better be in a coma
  • heavily supportive:I will draw/find every fanart I can of them until my fingers bleed
  • EXCESSIVELY supportive:I should be studying for finals but instead I am up at 4 in the morning reading some fanfiction a kindergartner wrote because there's literally nothing better
  • THIRSTY AF:they better do the do everywhere in every way possible I better see some tongue action, some personal kinks, and if I don't see a dick in an ass in five minutes I swear to god I will shove a brick down my throat
  • obsessive:the wallpaper on my phone is my OTP, I have t-shirts of my OTP, my profile pic on every account I own is a pic of my OTP, my entire room's walls are covered in a collage of my OTP, the plushies I have of my OTP are making out right now, my entire life and my every source of happiness depends on these two fictional characters being disgustingly in love
  • ...
Sperm donation - Robert Axel & Christian Taylor
why does every single fucking person in the orginization xiii have an x in their name
snow landscape night myuploads
Adventure Time flame princess
Avatar Korra legend of korra TRON atlok avatar: the legend of korra mako Bolin
Kazoos of Halloween Town
Field of Reeds 
Then good luck, kazoos! May you always enjoy being frightened.  More: [Terra | A...
kingdom hearts kh sora riku roxas Kairi goofy Namine donald Axel Xion kingdom hearts 1.5
kingdom hearts roxas organization xiii Axel 358/2 Days ally plays kingdom hearts
my gif Hockey Team Sweden Tre Kronor linus klasen luleå hockey min axel kliar jättemycket vas is dis
science moths lepidoptera butterflies micro structural color scaly wing
quicksilver days of future past Axel Braun Shaaaaaaaaaaade
gif art design architecture
kingdom hearts kh sora shrek riku Kairi Axel Xion shrek is love shrek is life kingdom shrek
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