1k arrow oliver queen long post for ts arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity [cries a lot] myarrow DO YOU KNOW HOW COMPLICATED THIS WAS TO MAKE. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHIP. ((some of them have periods my bad its a habit just ignore and move on))
:) my gifs Korra lok mako makorra Legen Of Korra peace out hope you like it! M-e didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to but psssh whatever so I don't really ship these two...like at all but I know there's a lot of you out there that love the pairing so this one's for you I hope everyone realizes that it is possible to respect all ships just because you don't ship it doesn't mean you have to be rude towards those who do
Fanart exo baekhyun exo fanart chanyeol baekyeol yes I used chanyeol because I believe he supports baekhyun 101% in his relationship baekyeol exists because they are willing to care for each other and they want what's best for each other every ship is the same to the delusional people out there stop it because you are idiots okay neither you or chanyeol owns baekhyun he can fucking love anyone he wants he can like my dick and no one can do anything about it I am just very tired of seeing him getting hate by ignorance and abandoned this is also for twin I believe your ship is real because of the true love of brotherhood no ship will sink if everyone believes in their own
“I ship you with _______ because ________.”
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like star wars The Force Awakens kylo ren general hux kylux Hux is secretly my favorite character I can't tell anyone because he's evil space hitler He's awful but I wish to see him defect after that debacle and join the Resistance If Star Wars taught me one thing is that it's never too late to redeem yourself But his killcount is in the billions so eh. It took me 24 hours of wondering where I saw him to realize he's played by DomhnallGleeson He's unrecognizable I'm too used to see him play sweet cinnamon rolls I love how these guys are polar opposite but still fight for the same cause How do you even think about putting them on the same ship and not expect shit to blow up
1k mine* just to be safe Disneyedit zootopia nick wilde zootopiaedit judy hopps zootopia spoilers idk if i actually ship them or not i'm honestly so conflicted on one hand i do but on the other i'm like ''nah they're dorky besties and i love it!!'' i gotta see it a couple more times to figure this out
I hope you guys like it but here you go tmh gifs *RE the world is a happier place when they are together so i spend the past hour and half working on this because i was debating whether or not do a 4gif set or a 6gif photoset boyfriends in love
I WANT TO CRY the fosters brandon foster callie foster brallie callie jacob schizogifs schizoedits pls don't steal my gifs huhuhu schizotvshows schizothefosters because perf: brandon foster because perf: callie jacob otp: i think we might be outlaws i think i might be in love I HAD A LOT OF FEELS OKAY AND GODDAMN IT THAT SINGLE MOMENT IN THE PILOT WHEN HIS EYES LINGERED ON HER I JUST KNEW I WAS GOING TO SHIP THE HELL OUT OF THESE TWO BUT DAMN IT SOME OF THESE WERE PAINFUL BECAUSE COME ON THE BREAK-UP HUG THE DANCE THE LAST HUG I JUST
free anyway this is FOREVER AND EVER and i love them for it jayedit nanase haruka matsuoka rin this is my ship free! spoilers harurin RinHaru free!edit r i d i c u l o u s you're going to swim for me i am slain everyone but haru knows that rin is in love with him even his host parents mr. knightley's famous quote: if i loved you less i might be able to talk about it more pretty much fits rin about haru cool colored caps and edits for my babes i was gonna do a rainbow but this just felt right the text/conversation i chose is because wow that is an actual love confession they inspire each other they push and pull each other rin and haru are such a nice balance
1k Teen Wolf stiles stilinski gifs(3) tw edit twedit malia tate stalia this gifset is so long i am so sorry it's mostly this super long because i really needed to have the part where he's like 'SHE MIGHT' and he steps closer to her cause i just really love that part i don't know why asdffgjsjks also here's the thing about stalia i feel like i'm a split personality because sometimes i ship them so much and i cry a lot (like rn while i was making this stupid gifset) but then sometimes their scenes make me cringe and i'm just like ehhh i don't know what's happening to me this is horrible
** mine the walking dead Rick Grimes because i do carl grimes 1000* 2000* twdedit wildlinging jaimelannister jonarryn the most important relationship ship ever you can see it change through out the seasons and the caps the 4th cap :((((((((( and then the 5th :((((((( do you ever cry bc complicated father/son relationships
lmao Fanart doodles ts sketches anyway i love it AAAAHHHHH ahhhhhh mizy mizymiyajima their story tan jiu qin xiong xuezhang XQX xuezhangqinxiong Can u tell how progressively lazy I got And just how much I hate to do backgrounds? lol I don't know what club they're actually in or how they met But lemme just assume that theyre in the bball club And it was kinda like love at first sight for Xuezhang I have feels for this ship disgusting sweet fluffy feel for this ship Btw did u get the reference for the last panel? Qiu Tong did the 'did my heart just skip pat' thing And I love to think Xuezhang been doing the same thing whenever he sees Qin Xiong I should stop here lmao xqx is the name of this ship that I use Cos i have no clue what to call this ship
body horror beheading shut up jen don't worry this isn't a straightforward insult to anyone but it might be inspired by some real situations THIS MAKES ME REALLY ANGRY OK you have a right to hate characters but please don't do that just because of your gay ship it probably doesn't matter but it makes me mad THIS IS NOT ABOUT HATING MY FAV CHARACTER ETC but hating a character because of it's gender or hating every character of that gender sorry if my presentation was unclear oh and i tried to make the other person there as gender neutral as possible i've heard these things just from one kind but idk what you've came across
friendly reminder that karkat passionately kissed kanayas dead body while crying in attempt to revive her at one pointi don’t see how karkat <> kanaya isn’t more popular than it is i mean LOOKATTHESEPRECIOUS BABIES 
* gifs like ... but maggie greene twd spoilers twdedit tara chambler tara x maggie BUT LISTEN maggara otp: you're here with us now otp: you are one of the most important people in the world to me maggaraedit sold my soul tbh how can you not ship these wonderful ladies in any way to be honest I'LL FOLLOW YOUR LEAD are u kiddin ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT i thought about you... you tell me what YOU wanna do because what you want matters because noah was your friend they have equal amounts of trust and respect for each other and it's killing me and giving me life in the same breath this is never gonna stop also lets not mention the 'okay? okay.' part i mean i JUST mentioned it
my gifs my posts Rooster Teeth I guess? RoosterTeeth gavin free michael jones mavin Team Nice Dynamite the gauntlet i don't personally ship it but it seems like something people who do would want in the tag
art so yeah Red vs Blue rvb i see you agent washington agent carolina RVB13 throws a bone to the carwashers in the crowd I don't ship it but tag it how you like I only made his hand under her leg armor because I didn't want to draw fingers my laziness is your joy washlina
n ken ravi vixx jaehwan what do i know vixxtv it was beautiful xmygif so i know it's long after his birthday but i rewatched this and laughed so much he's a mess and i love him for it he was too happy and i love this episode AND I PUT A WATERMARK ON THIS and i don't like it it looks tacky but i left it to make me seem cooler and stuff as a gifmaker because that's how that works right but i love how n kept trying to get him to talk to the fans and then he just says that and i just really love ken okay bye
Sound effects from the Winter Soldier | Bucky’s metal arm