• Balance digital legend of korra lok tlok maybe delete kuvira I pledge my loyalty my kidney and my cakes to you great uniter sorry didn't have a lot of time to spend on it maybe I'll do something more polished later •
Korra legend of korra lok tlok Korra fanart how have i never seen this art before HOW HAVE I NEVER SEEN THIS QUALITY HOW DO YOU FUCKING ART so queue me maybe
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spongebob imagination legend of korra the legend of korra lok mako Bolin tlok WHY DO I DO STUPID THINGS
this ship is (still) the best ship
let’s talk about how gr8 harry/louis is i’m sort of glad you asked this tbh because harry/louis is an amazing ship and i hate that things suck rn and that fandom has to ruin it for everyone. THAT BEING SAID. i think they’re unruinable let me tell you why first off check out mady&...
spoilers legend of korra korra spoilers the legend of korra lok amon tlok lok spoilers yes I know it's not the exact Kübler-Ross model but w/e waste of a perfectly good villain there's so much more I wanted to know I'm proud of this heh 3 hours of work because I suck
art My art artwork crossover faith digital art Korra legend of korra the legend of korra i have no idea lok Mirrors Edge what the fuck is she holding on to
haha My art long post omg why did i spend os much time on this OSB AND LIES ON SIDE maybe their suit shoudl be brown or balck and white SOMEONE GAVE me a cool idea about the 3dmg gear but i dk how to make ti wokr LOL DRAWS THE REST LATER TOMORW no wait i have to do hiomework tomrow u gusy should make stuff up im sure u have beter ideas cause i made all of this up as i went along LOL
my hero legend of korra my bby lok Lin Lin Beifong best character ever WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO YOU why didn't it happen to mako....
gifs queue Korra legend of korra korra spoilers the legend of korra tlok sokka and korra should have like a face-pulling contest though tbh my face would probably look like that if i was listening to a pro-bending fight omg
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doctor who Eleven i give up ????? dwedit cap meme i don't want to look at it anymore pammakesthings anon who r u so I can give this to you properly one down a ton more to go lol tbh I didn't think anyone would request something but turns out a lot did WHICH IS EXCITING TBH there's a couple of series ppl requested that I've never worked with and I am so excited im laughing inside bc this matches my layout I'll probably regret submitting this in 10 minutes or I'll notice something's wrong also idk how to do things on ps anymore the stripes are bothering me it's sharp too shhhiiiiiiiit whispers: I had a blast making the stars in the background
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* pretty little liars gifs xx you know Ian Thomas Garrett Reynolds ugh i just iT HURTS OK and oh my god but sorry i just want to thank you two for making rosewood a creepy place while you were alive for giving me chills and making me smile anytime you were on my screen you two are the fucking best and i wish i could spend more time on this photoset and make something prettier and meaningfull meaningful* i don't have time for that because i know they were who they were because of reasons ian loved melissa he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was and garrett's love for jenna do i even need to say something about it he just loved her so much because he loved her blidlessly blindlessly* even if she treated him like trash she was the love of his life i have too much feelings for pretty much everyone i'm sorry :( ily you'll forever be in my heart ok
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gif mystuff Korra legend of korra the legend of korra lok tlok Tarrlok tarrlock tarlok tarlock i was rewatching korra with a friend who has never seen it before and then the first scene with tarrlok's bloddbending came on and i literally lost my shit connecting the dots from the finale and my friend was like omg why ru screaming and i was lIKE YOU DON'T EVEN KNOWWWW
gifs Avatar atla avatar the last airbender legend of korra lok parallel cabbage merchant my cabbages cabbage corp I know I'm missing the first one in omashu with the guards but mehhh I needed it to fit also I'll fix this later when I actually have the good quality DL xDDD cabbages
can you imagine making louis tomlinson laugh
my gifs Avatar Korra legend of korra the legend of korra lok mako Bolin asami 110 tlok turning the tides WAS I THE ONLY ONE WHO LITERALLY LOL'D WHEN THEY SAW THIS? SERIOUSLY BOLIN COULD YOU STOP DOING THIS TO ME? OKAY OMG I LOVE YOU BO