• Band •
*Band room doors are locked*
*Students begin the band director summoning ritual*
when non-band people are in the band room.
and after a while they’re like: and band people are like: non band person: band people: and add in at the end: “BUT, YOU SHOULD JOIN BAND.”
Before you leave the band room for the last time, stop and take a look around for just one moment. These four walls have seen you at your wo...
Marching Band: The Musical
Featuring songs such as: 8 to 5 Play Those Notes Right Band Camp Half Time Sweat and Pain Get Your Heads Out of Your Asses Not a Circle to Be Seen Tears Band Bus Accidental Solo
  • Parents:It's just a band
  • Friends:It's just a band
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What are a band geek’s work hours? 8 to 5.
Quick comments about band:
-sock tanlines. Forever. -always instep with the person next to you. -drink lots of sunscreen. Apply lots of water. -sunscreen and water are your only friends. -nontan people are vampires. -do not get in the way of the marching bassdrum. You will not win. -one more time is a lie. -waterbreak in ...
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When the director makes you sightread a difficult piece
freshmen during band camp
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*seductively unzips my marching uniform*
  • Mellophone player:Are we high brass, low brass, or with the saxes this season?
  • Director:Yes.
Me as a band director: *counting off* a-one, a-two, a-skiddly diddly do
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I once had some football player tell me that marching band wasn’t hard and my then 8th grade football coaching history teacher said, “In marching band, everyone is important. Nobody sits on the benches unlike you and your benchwarmer buddies.” And that was the first time I ever hea...