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Black Excellence: Child Entrepreneurs Edition
Leena ArcherCompany:Leanna’s IncAt 9 years old Leena launched her own line of natural hair-care products. Her great-grandmother in Haiti had a special recipe for hair pomade, and Archer used that recipe to begin a line of oils, hairdressings, and conditioners. Now, at 17, she handles more than...
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Black Excellence is not limited to those who graduate college.
Just thriving in this world that hates us so much is an act of uprising and excellence.
Keke Palmer just woke up and decided to fucking take over the world and the bitch is succeeding.
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Black Excellence
African-American Pastimes
Rooting for the one Black person to win in anything that has them competing against a bunch of white people.
Black excellence in full effect this week
So lemme get this straight:  Kerry Washington Idris Elba Chiwetel Ejiofor Lupita Nyong’o Steve McQueen AND Don Cheadle have all been nominated for golden globes Then Beyonce drops an album outta nowhere, with NO promotion whatsoever, complete with full length videos - said album goes to #1 in ...
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Besides the fact that you can outwrite every motherfucker on the planet sentence by sentence, and you’re one of us. Besides that littl...
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It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compens...
I'm here for black girls
Who keep their baby hair laid & rock forces with velour suits Who worship Badu and grow their own herbs Who get their hair pressed & keep their nails fly Who dress “alternative” & are obsessed with Daria Who make twerk videos in public with their friends Who don’t fit i...
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