• Black Girls Rock •
The fact that there is “Black Girls Rock” on BET and no one says anything about it but if another network decided to make “White Girls Rock” it would be considered racist disgusts me.
Black women are mocked, but yet so envied...
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You are in everything. 99 percent of Hollywood movies feature your faces. 99 percent of magazine covers are covered in you. The Emmy Awards ...
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 can we take a moment to think about how beyonce took “bow down/i been on”, a song derided by white feminists™ for being degrading to women and then extended it into her own little womanist manifesto with african feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’sspeech ON THE TRACK white feminists...
With a current 51 nominations, Beyoncé becomes the most Grammy nominated female of all time. Congrats, Bey!
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