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on a scale of one to nick grimshaw how often do you irrelevantly bring up harry styles in every conversation ever
i can’t believe harry styles just straight up agreed to give five thousand pounds to a guy he hardly knows on national radio
world’s biggest womanizers clearly
I mean it’s pretty obvious. I feel like when Taylor won album of the year it was surreal. You know she’s been nominated in the p...
When Taylor told me; I thought we were gonna go to one party. Taylor is like, “We’re gonna go to three!”. I was like &ldqu...
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I hate when people do that, when they change gender of other people’s songs. Not your song to do that mate, is it?
It looks like a pair of curtains. But he pulls it off.
  • Nick:And how do you spell Cycle?
  • Tina:Not the way Harry Styles spelled it.
  • Nick [imitating Harry]:Sorry my bandana's too tight, the album's out now...I just got back from America, sorry...
they’re going to ruin this country
The 1975 on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show
Nick Grimshaw- Beauty and a Beat
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Harry Styles teasing Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw 
Surprise 5! 
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Nick: What’s been your favorite moment of One Direction and Radio 1 having a night out together?  Tina: It’s… it’s hard… Oh I know, behind the scenes access to Harry’s dressing room! That was good.Nick: Oh yeah. Talk to me about that dressing room.Tina: That was the highlight. It was weird. It wasn’...
I’ve messaged Harry, right, to see if he had any great ideas. (…) Do you wanna listen how rubbish his two ideas were? These are...
reaction to the penis cake
  • Nick Grimshaw:Should we call Harry Styles and ask?
  • Ian Chaloner:Just remind him he's on radio.
  • Harry Styles:Hiiii!
  • Nick Grimshaw:Hiiii! You're on radio.
  • Harry Styles:Am I? I'm in the car with my parents. How are you feeling? I'm alright. I didn't drink that much. You sound awful.
  • Nick Grimshaw:Thanks. How do I sound Anne?
  • Anne Twist:You sound wonderful like always.
  • Nick Grimshaw:Thank you Anne. Harry, you should be more polite like your mum.
  • ...