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on a scale of one to nick grimshaw how often do you irrelevantly bring up harry styles in every conversation ever
i can’t believe harry styles just straight up agreed to give five thousand pounds to a guy he hardly knows on national radio
world’s biggest womanizers clearly
  • Nick:And how do you spell Cycle?
  • Tina:Not the way Harry Styles spelled it.
  • Nick [imitating Harry]:Sorry my bandana's too tight, the album's out now...I just got back from America, sorry...
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they’re going to ruin this country
The 1975 on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show
Nick Grimshaw- Beauty and a Beat
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  • Nick Grimshaw:Should we call Harry Styles and ask?
  • Ian Chaloner:Just remind him he's on radio.
  • Harry Styles:Hiiii!
  • Nick Grimshaw:Hiiii! You're on radio.
  • Harry Styles:Am I? I'm in the car with my parents. How are you feeling? I'm alright. I didn't drink that much. You sound awful.
  • Nick Grimshaw:Thanks. How do I sound Anne?
  • Anne Twist:You sound wonderful like always.
  • Nick Grimshaw:Thank you Anne. Harry, you should be more polite like your mum.
  • ...
Harry Styles teasing Nick Grimshaw
Nick Grimshaw 
Surprise 5! 
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reaction to the penis cake
Harry Styles nick grimshaw Breakfast Show
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Attention Directioners! Harry wants your hashtags! He’...
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Audio Recording on Wednesday morning
twerkformelouis: nick failing to prank harry for call or delete
Nick Grimshaw losing it during Showbot - Breakfast Show 18.01.2013. a.k.a. Nick&...