• Breaking Up •
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  • me:its not you...,.,., .,. its your star sign
If the mean people in our lives were crappy 100% of the time, it would be easy to leave them. We would shrink from becoming friends with the...
I’m closing the chapter for good on the boy who was my first love.
my gifs breaking bad Jesse Pinkman Aaron Paul bryan cranston walter white *breaking bad the colouring is very gross i'm sorry i gave up in the end
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If you haven’t read this yet, you really must.Hilarious. 
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breaking bad bb* wow u really fucked up walt
She wants it to be over, but she’s afraid of it being over, because then she’ll have to figure out what comes next.
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my gifs shinee jonghyun bling gif:jong 1k and up he keeps breaking my heart ;;;;;;;
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The worst crying is when you’re lying in bed, with your hand over your mouth so you don’t make noise. The tears are running onto your ...
WASHINGTON – When Miles Jai Thomas arrived at a party at the Craig Ranch North Community Pool in McKinney, Texas, on Friday night, the pool was open to everyone – unti...
Breaking up:
Today, I fucked up... breaking into my neighbor’s house
Got back home in the early hours of the morning with no key. I live in a terraced house and so usually use the back door as an entrance. So I went around the front of the house and proceeded to lift open a grate which I thought would lead into my basement. I opened the grate and slid through this re...
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