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friendly reminder that at christmas british people actually set their food on fire
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  • Britain:So we have the Olympics.
  • Britain:And Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Britain:And James Bond.
  • Britain:And the Queen.
  • Britain:And Danny Boyle.
  • Britain:And Kenneth Branagh.
  • Britain:And ducks and shit.
  • Britain:And Women's rights.
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The funny thing is that in britain everyone is a whovian even if they like doctor who or not. Everyone grew up with it and understands the terminology. For example if someone has lots of things in their handbag, someone might call it a tardis. And if something is freaky or creepy people like to star...
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Americans, I think it’s high time us British folk introduced you to our God
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It’s official, British Problems is my favourite thing off reddit JUST LOOK AT ALL THEĀ  POLITE BRITISH AWKWARDNESS AHHH!