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mine dragon ball goku shitty gif but whatever
I hate it when you really need to talk to a friend about something important because you feel like your world is crashing down on you but they act like you don’t exist until their problems occur.
Às vezes dói, mas a gente acostuma. A dor incomoda, mas não mata. Ela começa forte, mas ameniza.
doctor who angiegifs shitty gifs but whatever
* justin bieber jb this is overgiffed but whatever
this is old but whatever
Harry Styles One Direction mine [4] baaaaaaaaaaaabe idk if i like this coloring but whatever
no matter how close i think i am with someone there’s always someone before me like i’m literally never someone’s first option 
gif Harry Styles Graphic sigh the gifs are LQ but whatever hes so sexy
1k my edits gifs photosets harry* 1D* louis* nobody will reblog this but whatever lskajflkasj
homestuck MY EDIT mom lalonde dad egbert sprite edit momdad her feet suck but whatever
Wizards of Waverly Place alex russo s03 i dont really like this but whatever
1k * edit divergent tris prior divergentedit i tried to make a color thing but whatever
Togami pushes Fukawa up against a wall, nibbling on her ear, and whispers seductivly, “you know what I’m gonna do to you?” Fukawa lets out a small moan. “Ooh, what are you gonna do?” Togami kisses her neck before he goes back up to her ear. “Naegi, tell her.&rdquo...
gifs legend of korra lok raava vaatu ugh the quality is a bit off but whatever
mygifs chris pratt guardians of the galaxy marveledit this is terrible but whatever gotgedit chrisprattedit
reasons why i called them problematic! at the disco: some people have requested that i make a larger list of reasons why i feel panic! at the disco are problematic. so i’m going to do that. brendon’s twerking video is cultural appropriation even if he only did it ironically or whatever that was he m...
THG cf thgedit cfedit feelin good this line is soooo overdone but whatever reblog this