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Captain Amell
  • interviewer:so let's talk about Oliver's love lif--
  • Stephen:Oliver loves Felicity.
  • i:Okay, but what about all the w--
  • SA:She is the woman who guided him into becoming the man he is today.
  • i:I mean, yes, but in the beginning of the show, Laur--
  • SA:That's in the past. Felicity is his match.
  • i:yeah, but--
  • SA:*glares* they're star-crossed lovers.
  • ...
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  • me:*watches movie / Tv show*
  • me:*have a new celebrity crush*
  • me:*look up for them on google*
  • me:*ignore the fact that they are already married or dating someone*
  • me:*find their age*
  • me:*Start calculating the difference between my age and them*
  • me:yep theres a chance , i could definitely date him
so this happened adorable little shit oliver queen Stephen Amell felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity arrow cast Captain Amell arrowsquee olicitysquee i was having captain amell feels i love that he's always shipped it even way back in season 1 when it was only just becoming a thing also the way he smiles when he says i like that a lot i know it's an old interview idc
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my gifs Stephen Amell olicity emily bett rickards actor: stephen amell actress: emily bett rickards cuz i can't be stopped my maple syrup queen proud member of the BettHive aka: Captain Amell omg he's such a dork seeeeee so he did wish her happy birthday he got her a present! that game was the same weekend as her bday so it totally counts
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The Ice Bucket Challenge
While I have survived the initial bout of nominations in New Zealand, with the return of the challenge having gone viral in the States, there is a chance I may be nominated. So far, both my brothers were nominated back in June but didn’t nominated me so there’s still a possibility I will...
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gifs perfect human being arrow Stephen Amell olicity oliver x felicity arrow cast Captain Amell Mrseclipse555 ahaha he's so pleased with himself I can't everyone has a different job moira is in prison and felicity is a lot sexier lol stephen I love you so much i adore him seriously
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