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  • marvel:here's the carol danvers and t'challa movies you wanted
  • mcu fans:YOOOOOOOO
  • marvel:also we ARE doing civil war
  • mcu fans:NOOOOOOOO
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Bucky and Steve trying to find each other on the battlefield by playing marco polo. You can hear gunfire and then Bucky’s voice yelling MARCO and then explosions and Steve yelling POLO back. In modern times they do this too, only Bucky now half sings AMERICA and Steve punches someone and sho...
One Thing I want to be very clear on: Don’t pit Black Widow against Captain Marvel. Is it awesome that Carol’s getting her own movie? Fuck yeah. Am I disappointed that Black Widow didn’t have a movie announced today? Fuck Yeah. But what I mean by that is I’m disappointed that...
I know everyone seems to want Natalie Dormer for Carol Danvers, but I’d like to offer up the obvious choice: Gwendoline Christie.
tell me again about how peggy carter never taught steve rogers how to fight?youclearlyaren’tpayingenoughattentiondear
  • me @ russo brothers:"your work has been a gift to mankind. you've shaped the century. i need you to do it one more time."
mine Marvel Carol Danvers Captain Marvel marveledit comics* comicedit c: carol danvers captain marvel* comics: captain marvel this is probably my second favorite issue of vol 7 the first one being 17 of course
also i dont buy the weak excuse like how cap is supposedly a highly “symbolic character” or “symbolic of the american people” and the resurgence of facism in the USA is pushed onto him. All because he wears USA flag pajamas or whatever.Cap has never been a symbolic character ...
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