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My art dai dragon age cassandra pentaghast inoctavo thank you for the request and the kind words <3 sorry it took so long to work requests finals are around the corner and I've been swamped with projects ;-;
Alec liked Magnus best like this, when he wasn’t particularly dressed up, when he was just in a t-shirt and his dark silky hair was free of ...
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cole sera vivienne varric tethras cassandra pentaghast dagna Solas Blackwall adoribull
dai dragon age cassandra pentaghast dragon age inquisition cullen rutherford .23
like names dragon age DA3 da:i i didn't want to leave bull out ? one for cole and TWO for blackwall you GO blackwall one for cassandra and none for iron bull bye also leaving off solas' elven translation 'cause that's more game canon and this is more language junk
graphics 500 dragon age cassandra pentaghast daedits images of cassandra Divine Victoria
My art the infernal devices Don't do it will herondale Cassandra Clare Tessa Gray TID 18 like really wessa can i have this dance tenerife sea I'm talking about shadowhuntershipweeks
I highly recommend, if you are on the fence about the Cassandra Clare case. You read this court document. The fact that you can put each character and plot point next to each other and they are the exact same. Says something. I didn’t think they were going to have much of a case. But when it...
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My art cole dragon age sera vivienne cassandra Dorian iron bull Solas Blackwall the doodles were supposed to be 110% more ridiculous BUT DORIAN THO zadjo
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Damian Wayne cassandra cain Batfam nevo!sketch no matter how big and badass he gets there's no beating big sis
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