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gif music rock slipknot Corey Taylor kanye west metal Stone Sour bless u Beef He's just saying what we're all thinking TBH I've been a maggot since 1999 FYI Kanye is overrated He doesnt even crack the top 10 rappers let alone belong on any rock greats list. Kanye West is the Joffrey (from Game of Thrones) of music. PS Nice Star Wars shirt Cory!
game of thrones edit1 Tyrion Lannister Lannister edit: game of thrones got quotes gotedit gottyrionlannister he's got a lot of good quotes especially in the books that sadly didn't make it onto the show
1k 5k game of thrones Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark daenerys targaryen ygritte margaery tyrell 3k gotedit gotsansastark gotmargaerytyrell gotcerseilannister gotdaenerystargaryen gotygritte gotladies
my gifs mine requested Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark mine: asoiaf hiatus queue gotsansastark gotcerseilannister asoiafedit myshastorbornss sansa & cersei i hope you ike it! i think i conveyed the idea you had :) also i decided to focus on sansa because the last time i made/talked abou sansa/cersei i did from cersei's i really love this dynamic its truly fascinating for me!
* game of thrones *gif asoiaf *GOT gotedit Elia Martell joanna lannister pre asoiaf asoiafedit rhaella targaryen cassana estermont this looked much better in my head Lyarra Stark asoiaf fancasting minisa whent
game of thrones edit1 Cersei Lannister Petyr Baelish fav scenes edit: game of thrones long post gotedit gots2 gotcerseilannister gotpetyrbaelish gots2e1 the walk of shame was amazing but this is still my fav cersei scene
game of thrones 10k genius edit1 Arya Stark fav scenes edit: game of thrones Tywin Lannister gotedit gots2 gots2e4 gotaryastark gottywinlannister she just wears faces of dead people now
game of thrones edit1 Jaime Lannister Brienne of Tarth edit: game of thrones Jaime x Brienne it still makes me laugh gotedit gots2 gotjaimelannister gotbrienne gots2e8 lol this is from my mean girls set i made a long time ago i'm so happy gwendoline is going to comic con again btw!!
game of thrones various Cersei Lannister sandra gotedit
s1 s5 jon snow House Stark Cersei Lannister Sansa Stark daenerys targaryen Tyrion Lannister 1.01 house targaryen House Lannister gotedit 5.10 gameofthronesdaily iheartgot pedropascals
1k * asoiaf Tyrion Lannister gotedit got1k gameofgifs gottyrionlannister gameofthronesdaily iheartgot *asoiaf asoiaf1k
s2 Iwan Rheon s1 s5 House Stark Joffrey Baratheon Sansa Stark sophie turner 1.01 jack gleeson 2.06 House Lannister house baratheon ramsay bolton 5.07 gotedit gameofthronesdaily iheartgot pedropascals
gif LOL game of thrones 10 Tyrion Lannister gilly myrcella baratheon gotedit shereen baratheon
game of thrones robb stark Arya Stark Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Joffrey Baratheon Ned Stark catelyn stark Tyrion Lannister stannis baratheon *requested stuff: mine Tywin Lannister tommen baratheon gotedit lysa tully and whatever shireen baratheon gotjaimelannister gotcerseilannister goteddardstark robert arryn do you want me to tag them all??? look at how young the actor playing robert arryn was in s1!! he looks so young!!
gifs Season 2 game of thrones season 5 Season 4 season 3 costumes Tyrion Lannister gotedit gottyrionlannister *veronika tyrionplus there might be a series of random stuff idk it'll depend on my mood but just in case I made a tag for it :)
game of thrones edit1 Cersei Lannister got spoilers edit: game of thrones long post gotedit gotcerseilannister IT WASN'T gots5 gots5e10 i thought it'd be easier to watch the second time around
gif s5 asoiaf julia Cersei Lannister House Lannister got spoilers gotgif gotedit gotcerseilannister 5.10
When someone identifies with their favorite character it can say a lot about them. Whenever someone says “they are so me” believe them. Sometimes liking a favorite character they identify with is the closest thing to catch a glimpse of who they really are. Never tell anyone that they are talking abo...
mine game of thrones mine:gifs jon snow Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister theon greyjoy stannis baratheon mine:got got spoilers gotedit aria stark
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