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LOL tales of symphonia tales of tales of the abyss tales of graces Tales of Xillia So like Tales of Hearts R bluespace and all the other only with characters who got card evolve art btw i counted for their first appearance wingul and rideaux are actually the same age but since rideaux's game takes place a year later he's in the other category same with the millas and the tos cast this is just physical age btw some of these are actually thousands of years old
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1k * tales toz tales of zestiria shes so cute namco plz dont screw her up plz do not invalidate her as a strong female character w/ ur shitty fanservice
tales of symphonia tales of destiny Tales of Vesperia tales of the abyss tales of graces googly eyes Tales of Eternia Tales of Phantasia Tales of Destiny 2 Tales of Rebirth Freaking MAO though
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High School Themed Sentence Meme
"Apparently I was the only one that got the email saying to wear your pajamas to school today." "Getting really tired of teachers saying whatever they want to me and when I try and defend myself, they send me to in school suspension." "I had to come in early to make up the test I missed last week. I...
m levi :'') snkgraphic a choice with no regrets farlan church isabel magnolia acwnr acwnr spoilers levi ackerman i am so thankful for this ova
destiny Watch Dogs Bayonetta 2 quantum break Mirror's Edge 2 the order 1886 dying light Murdered Soul Suspect multigames [SWEAtS] tales from the borderlands borderlands the pre-sequel unfortunately I can't play all of them I won't be buying a wii u for bayonetta 2 nor do I want to buy an xbox one for quantum break I will probably buy a ps4 this year though I'd add uncharted in here too but I'm not convinced it'll release this year oh and all persona q in here too I'll buy myself a 3ds when I can watch dogs is so close now
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People 2 avoid in life:-The Beatles fanatics-“Beyonce is overrated”-“why are you picking that up? ? it’s their job, they get paid to pick that up.”
jp tales of tales series tales tales of series tales of zestiria
I think if we cast a white man to play Shadow we would be the biggest assholes on television.
tales of lulu my translation i love this one rollo tales of xillia 2 Ludger Will Kresnik Julius Will Kresnik LOOK HOW HAPPY THEY ARE tales 4koma tales of xillia 2 4koma tox2 4koma kings artist: nako shirataki slkdfjkselefsjg
Misfits $ simon bellamy simon x alisha misfitsedit alisha daniels stonerclone oliversmoak i cried writing that caption ngl :~(
Charles Xavier Erik Lehnsherr cherik quiksilver husbands except not really longpost x-men: days of future past YukiPri art dofp spoilers i did not mean to draw this it got out of hand i am scrabbling to hold all my otps and am failing i need to draw stucky and sterek and bagginshield and what happened to snk i am so sorry my people i am alive and have started crawling out of my hole but am still not communicating well it is not you i have received every message and post reply and tag comment i love you guys and i am so sorry
* 2k mine: graphic stydia martinski twedit stydiaedit fyteenwolf scottyskira ok this quote for them was 100% inspired for them after reading it again on the blog 'packwords' which is my new fav blog btw also this is one of the simplest edits i think i've ever done but i really enjoy little things about it warmstiles *whispers* this ones dedicated to you two for your constant encouragement and love and friendship i am so thankful i've got you both as friens :')
art star wars Sketch i love :------) kylo ren hello its 2:30 am
you could say that sleeping with sam winchester is..,.„,., to die for