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there is only two people on this earth that make those moves...
lady gaga ~ Daniel Radcliffe stephen colbert Darren Criss chris colfer neil patrick harris ellen degeneres anne hathaway lgbtq Eric Stonestreet it gets better jesse tyler ferguson lisa edelstein Kathy Griffin the trevor project Jesse Spencer theworldaccordingtosteffy
spoilers best chris colfer sbl struck by lightning laurenedit sbl spoilers struck by lightning spoilers
Chris Hemsworth gif5 oh chris thor the dark world panel
mine robert downey jr iron man tony stark The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans avengers
the best Project Runway christopher palu /me/ chris palu
chris brown Adele Queen grammys
my gifs rdj The Avengers Chris Evans scarlett johansson mark ruffalo janetteraven
gif mine Tom Daley Chris Mears Jack Laugher
gif tom hiddleston Christopher Eccleston Chris Hemsworth friday download uneasy lies the blog that bears the queue tom was suprisingly subdued in this interview he let chris do most of the talking for once its not as funny as the avengers one last year but kat dennings is awesome and pretty and now i want a film where darcy becomes a superhero with her purple magic whisk p.s the answer is a towel
robert downey jr iron man tom hiddleston Captain America Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Thor loki avengers hulk made gifs from my new mac and it was a bit uncomfortable so im not sure how o k the coloring is
martin freeman Tom Felton Benedict Cumberbatch jude law robert downey jr johnny depp Jensen Ackles leonardo dicaprio Christian Bale orlando bloom jesse eisenberg Jared Padalecki Bradley James Chris Evans Andrew Garfield zachary quinto chris pine
David Tennant Benedict Cumberbatch robert downey jr Jensen Ackles rdj Misha Collins Chris Hemsworth men of tumblr will you press the button
* The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Thor avengers idk if anyone's done this already anyway yolo this part of the bloopers made me completely lose it chris you are too precious for this world
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1k Benedict Cumberbatch mygif chris pine star trek into darkness these two sets of caps could keep me busy aLL DAY boys i love both of you why can't ya just love each other that's about 20 adjustment layers on either pair of eyes this is what my life has come to
gif Rihanna Drake chris brown mirror RiRi illuminati asap rocky a$ap rocky a$ap ASAP Meek Mill
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