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1k my gifs mine 5k 2k Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers 4k bucky barnes Sebastian Stan 3k starbuck chris evans gifs stucky New York Moves sebastian stan gifs can someone write something pleeeease like domestic au please CAN BUCKY TEACH STEVE TO DANCE
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mine Sebastian Stan *edits *1k sebstanedit marvelcastedit sebastianstanbear oberynmartells farmerboyclint bckynats i thought i shld go back to my roots as a sebstan trash blog again
1k Captain America Chris Evans scott pilgrim vs the world Sebastian Stan mine: the avengers winter soldier minepeople sebstanedit Hot Tub Time Machine chrisevansedit cevansedit mineseb minemarvelcast minece this has been in my drafts and i just i think i made it when i was drunk lmao could u imagine this tho
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1k Chris Evans Sebastian Stan sebstanedit Marvel cast marvelcastedit cevansedit mineseb minemarvelcast i am laughing goodbye minece seb's face in the second one tho he's thinking about it way too much and then there's these assholes this gifset is just like [muffled sounds of questioning sexuality in the distance]
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