• Chris Evans •
LOL funny wtf weed smoke blunt bong Smoking dude swagger chris tucker trill smoker half baked black guy trillshit VAMPIRE DEATH CREW THE VAMPIRE GOD killthendestroy marijauna black shirt black hat thot yeet rolling pappers
gif One Direction swag Demi Lovato Rihanna hair girl justin bieber people cute chris brown fashion Cool sexy dope funny gif style supreme selena gomez Obey black girl red hair celebrity sweet battleship woman MTV swagger stussy Rita Ora
1k my gifs mine 2k Chris Evans Sebastian Stan 3k Captain America The Winter Soldier sebastian stan gifs ca cast yes thats the conference where sebby got almost no questions and chris touched his left boob its funnier in the vid coz poor sebby just kept his mouth wide open like he forgot to close it
Steve’s face when he’s about to be kissed (likely for the first time ever) is the reason I’m dead inside. 
** Chris Evans *ce i think he was speaking here but who gives a shit look at him
hrhchriscolfer: My cat is very upset he wasn’t asked ...
gif * Gary Oldman chris tucker bruce willis milla jovovich luc besson the fifth element Ian Holm millennial gif: the fifth element
chris colfer hot in cleveland
doctor who mine dw Chris Eccleston 9th Doctor dwedit rtdera rtdedit dwbtch
gif myedit interview Captain America Chris Evans oh god i love him so much im sorry I'll stop argh sorry
Chris Evans *g get to know me Snowpiercer get to know me: movies
starbucks Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers bucky barnes Sebastian Stan winter soldier The First Avenger steve x bucky
my edits Chris Hemsworth Thor thoredits Thor: The Dark World marveledit Thoredit chemsedit
1k spoilers klaine MY EDIT s5 500 stills edits* 5x20 ship: klaine gr* /)w(\ otp: because of the layers klein* babies just casually feeding pigeons
They only gave me two guidelines when they gave me the job: I couldn’t break up with Blaine and I couldn’t kill anyone.
edit Chris Evans Sebastian Stan Evanstan
harry potter karen gillan mine lily evans Sirius Black jily james potter Andrew Garfield remus lupin marauders Aaron Johnson ben barnes hpedit
spoilers klaine Darren Criss chris colfer hq stills 5x20
chris brown HBD
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