• Chris Evans •
LOL funny wtf weed smoke blunt bong Smoking dude swagger chris tucker trill smoker half baked black guy trillshit VAMPIRE DEATH CREW THE VAMPIRE GOD killthendestroy marijauna black shirt black hat thot yeet rolling pappers
gif One Direction swag Demi Lovato Rihanna hair girl justin bieber people cute chris brown fashion Cool sexy dope funny gif style supreme selena gomez Obey black girl red hair celebrity sweet battleship woman MTV swagger stussy Rita Ora
disney zac efron high school musical hsm corbin bleu *mygifs *disney *hsm chris warren jr i love zeke so much omg and troy is like 'oh wow cool'
* chris colfer chrisplus so rude what a bitch
1k mine MY EDIT supreme high school musical ashley tisdale sharpay evans quality sharpay's fabulous adventure sharpay high school musical 4
gif 10k club sworn in sworn in gif Chris George b side gif
popular vintage comics feminism Marvel 1970s Ms. Marvel Carol Danvers Captain Marvel chris claremont Bronze Age Dave Cockrum empowered women in comics
gif funny Model sassy summer heights high chris lilley ja'mie king jamie king
1k ** zachary quinto chris pine pinto *cp *zq i have no witty tag for this *pq
kurt hummel glee chris colfer my stuff idk 1000
chris tumblr silverstein diamond cleveland ohio nikon d5100 Like Moths To Flames Chris Roetter LMTF greg jhw photos judy won photography This Is How The Wind Shifts Greg Diamond roetter beautiful band members Peabodys
uploads landscape nature
Chris Evans ce:gifsets my attempts at things ce:jimmy .I've been looking at some tutorials and they all make me wish I had photoshop .GIMP has its limitations .messing with colors to make the gif semi-ok under the 256 color limit is hard .but that is what practice is for! .I could not find HD video for all parts of his appearance .which makes me wish I had been in the fandom back when it was still on the late night website
vampire weekend chris baio baio
The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans CAP
Chris Colfer takes EW’s Pop Culture Personality Test
1k my edits Teen Wolf allison argent chris argent twedit argents and the rest of the family
my gif supernatural dean winchester sam winchester crossover spn Teen Wolf TW chris argent superwolf agent mccall well this was a pain in the arse just dean and sammy doing some research
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