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LOL chris colfer instagram costumes 5x20
1k ** Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth *ch *ce actual best thing ever
in the captain america fandom we don’t say “i love you” we say “i’m with you til the end of the line” and I think that’s beautiful. actually i don’t think that’s beautiful at all i think that’s heartbreaking and i am heartbroken and right now im crying. im going to punch a wall i hate this so much f...
my gifs bts Chris Hemsworth *g Thor: The Dark World chemsedit i fucked up the first gif im so mad whatever im tired
coldplay midnight Jonny Buckland chris martin ghost stories
chris pine unedited this is your captain speaking this ain't even new I'm just crying look at this bleary eyed fucker with his stupid turned up collar and messy hair
1k skins 5k chris miles Skins UK joe dempsie series 2 gen 1 skinsedit by phil
M79 acoustic
Vampire Weekend 
M79 acoustic 
Illustration art design game of thrones chris ables
chris brown Season 4 Boondocks Adult Swim huey huey freeman adultswim The Boondocks white booty pretty boy flizzy i will do your wife
mine 5k 10k Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel Natasha Romanoff scarlett johansson idk what this is The nanny Diaries avengersedit marvel au marveledit romanogers it just happened steve x natasha chrisevansedit captainamericaedit steve x natasha au marvel mine he's only 95 nat! don't ask why steve looks younger and is dressed like a frat boy also don't ask why they got off on different floors or why the interior design isn't steel
mine Chris Evans au Sebastian Stan stevebucky stucky
ron weasley Hermione Granger draco malfoy lily evans dh2 hp albus dumbledore Narcissa Malfoy hpgif sphgif mudsblood
Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Sebastian Stan winter soldier captain america 2 Red Skull The Winter Soldier Captain America The Winter Soldier catws Captain America The WinterSoldier captain america the first avengers credits to the people who made the gifs
1k mine MY EDIT 5k 2k Chris Evans chris evans edit because i don't wanna prepare my debate anymooore
saturday night live snl Chris Farley el nino balkanska collection i grandi successi sorry the quality's shit I was too lazy to sharpen the clip
MY EDIT cast Captain America Chris Evans Marvel this cast The Winter Soldier wonderful people i needed to make this a thing
edits Chris Evans chrisevansedit marvelcastedit THIS IS SO DISGUSTING conceal dont feel im gonna strike a match on those abs then light myself on fire chris evans is so disgusting i made iT BLACK AND WHITE CAUSE YOU FRICKER FRAKKERS DIDNT ANSWER ME hahhaHAHAH ALL MY EDITS LOOK THE SAME
Chris Evans person: chris evans adathranduil
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