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When people ask how I manage to survive during exam season
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The SAT was created by a noted racist and anti-immigrant activist who had previously written difficult, biased exams intended to prevent immigrants from becoming citizens. Happy test day!!
Exam season:
  • Denial:you know what? my grades are probably fine! i need to stop worrying so much
  • Anger:well FUCK THE SYSTEM for putting so much pressure on us to excel academically and FUCK ANYONE WHO THINKS A TEST GRADE DEFINES ME
  • Bargaining:dear god, please let me pass the test. just send me a sign i'll do alright so i can stop worrying, okay? i'll do anything you want, just... just send me a sign. .... .... ...okay, dear satan....
  • Depression:*hysterical sobbing*
  • Acceptance:okay, fuck it. just... fuck it. i will live in a cardboard box and i will live off the grid because i am going to fail this. i accept my fate. fuck this.
When a professor said something won't be on the exam but it is
Staying up all night to study for a test the next day.
Fun Fact #41: Getting a 5 on the AP Art History exam requires mimicking van Gogh and sacrificing your ear to the AP gods
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Me: Will this be on the test?Professor:
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