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Sherlock/John (Teenlock)
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sherlock johnlock a study in fanart the show in a nutshell i literally posted this a second ago and im fuking retarded and deleted it BLARHFGDF
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  • Johnlock shippers:*sobs and whimpers*
  • Sheriarty shippers:Oh, we are so cool.
  • Mormor shippers:Let us bite and beat and mock each other and feel the taste of blood on our tongues.
  • Sheriarty shippers:We are fabulous. One and only.
  • Johnlock shippers:*more sobs and whimpers*
  • Mormor shippers:And then cuddle and watch cartoons under a warm blanket.
  • Mystrade shippers:'Evening, gentlemen! Would you like a delicious cup of tea and then take part in rough shameless sex act?
  • Sheriarty shippers:brb, having a narcissism attack
  • ...
sherlock johnlock
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