• City of Blood •
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  • Guy on the UPS commercial:You know what's complicated? Shipping. Shipping is complicated.
  • Me:You have no idea
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I love how hazel levesque is widely accepted as the sweetheart of the seven, even as she decapitates numerous monsters, is an accomplice to suicide, manipulates horrible Mist images, kills a goddess, raises the labyrinth, and stares at frank’s midriff
  • City of Bones:fuck this shit I'm not a shadowhunter
  • City of Ashes:oh hey I can make new runes cool that
  • City of Glass:well I can save the whole world now
  • City of Fallen Angels:taking lessons on how to be a perfect badass shadowhunter with Jace
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Jocelyn: Clary, don’t come back home Clary:   Jace: Clary, don’t go to Idris Clary:  Simon: Clary you make terrible plans Clary:   Jace: Clary, I need to go to Clave, they will kill me but we’ll stop Sebastian and save the world Clary:  
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