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“Ellen Ripley, the lead character of the Alien films, is one of the most iconic female heroes in cinema history. And today, during the celebration of the franchise of which s...
sten Qunari Arishok but to be fair champions and heroes Viddasala the problem with giant horns the qunari are not practical dressers looking at Viddasala's clothes I wonder how long it takes for her to get dressed too many strings going every which way can't be comfortable they are also clearly cold resistant or else the lack of shirts would be a genuine problem probably solved with wrapping fabric around themselves some version of a toga I'd guess I spend too much time thinking about this sort of thing
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kingdom hearts kh aqua Terra Xemnas ansem zootopia
fashion Clothes shopping look shein thaymt4 si04 she04
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drawing dick grayson dc comics Nightwing i learned that gymnasts wear cups and look like they have semis all the time
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the hunter bloodborne uh idk what else to tag this oh but sweaty clothes? never a good option
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People really ought to go and watch the old Dan and Phil videos because then you would see just how often they did wear each others clothes..   Dan spent so much time at Phil’s flat instead of his uni halls, he pretty much just wore phils wardrobe! 
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