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At One Direction concert:
Expectations: Reality:
Harry Styles One Direction Concert one direction concert harry styles concert harry styles woman
Harry Styles One Direction 1D harry curly hair hazza Haz one direction concert 1d concert
  • Me:Looks at dash
  • Me:Drowns in tears
  • Me:Jumps out window
  • Me:Rolls into middle of highway
  • Me:Soul floats into the sky
  • Me:Rides waterfall of creys all the way to Florida
  • Me:Deteriorates into dust
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gif Demi Lovato Concert
  • Twitter question:what's one thing you would want to do on stage but can't? ;)
  • Liam:play keyboard
  • Louis:crowd surf
  • Niall:meet every person individually
  • Zayn:dance but we all know I can't
  • Harry:.....
  • Liam:we all know what Harry would do..
  • *harry hip thrusts at the crowd*
  • ...
gif Demi Lovato Concert
1k Demi Lovato Concert
Harry Styles * ** Concert
Demi Lovato Concert
gif Demi Lovato Concert
liam payne * Concert
I swear buying concert tickets should be an olympic sport seriously that stuff’s intense
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Demi Lovato Concert
1k Demi Lovato Concert