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A Letter
Ziio: Haytham, Do you really need to polish your gun now? Haytham: Would you rather see me polish my other “gun”? Edward: THERE YOU ARE, BOYO. Connor here just told me a joke! Edward: What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? Haytham: Father, I already know this joke. ...
Edward: How is everything, son? Haytham: I’m not sure, Father. Connor is really difficult. Haytham: He blames Lee for everything and I’m worried. Haytham: I once found a rubbish bag with Charles’ name tagged on it. Edward: It will pass, son. I understand what Connor feels.  ...
assassin's creed Connor Kenway
Connor Kenway
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A Name
Haytham: Son, why don’t you join the templars? Haytham: Do you not like us? Connor: I’m sorry father. But I cannot. Connor: I don’t just dislike them… I… Connor: Haytham. Connor: Then Mom comes around then… And says that phrase… Connor: I wond...
AC Rogue comic GRAVESTONE. Inspired by the stone in AC3 at the very point where Shay jumped off the cliff in Rogue.
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