• Convos •
  • Mom:ahem
  • Mom:a supernatural Christmas song
  • Mom:deck the halls with gin and tonic
  • Dad:fa la la la la la la la la
  • Mom:Dean and Cas are not platonic
  • Dad:fa la la la la la la la la
  • Me:I literally hate both of you
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Sex is not a fucking privilege. It’s a gift given between two responsible and consenting adults. If you went into a gift shop and shot...
If you think Jesus was white I’m gonna need you to open up a geography book and then hit yourself in the face with it
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If you have me on Skype you don’t even have to start a convo with “Hi, how are you”.You can Randomly message me about how you found your favourite lost sockScream about a spider in your roomGot something you want to tell someone? Go right ahead man I’ll listen
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I’m at the point now where I don’t even talk about One Direction with other people anymore, they mention them and I just smile and nod my head. They aren’t prepared for the real conversation, the length, the intensity, the lack of chill I have. I can’t put my loved ones through that, I just can’t.
S/O to all the people that I no longer have daily convos with just bc I stopped hittn them up first
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les miserables lmao idk george blagden Fra Fee maybe i'll make this a series thea's favorite george and fra convos this is just really cute
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Straight person: I like this cause its so realistic. Gay people don’t just talk about how gay they are all the time. Their sexuality is never brought up just like in real life because whats important is they are people not the gender they loveActual queer person: I’m so gay guys. Like really really ...