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The first time Dean slips and calls Cas ‘baby’ while Sam is right there, all Sam does is wait quietly until Cas leaves the room and then says, “I thought that was the car” and then laughs for five minutes straight when Dean tells him to shut up. 
a moment of silence for all the crazy sex Dean and Cas would have already had if Supernatural was on HBO
All I want is for Dean and Cas to start kissing, desperately. And Dean’s so pent up and just… he’s been waiting so long for this, that he makes an almost pained noise as he kisses Cas as deeply as he can. Cas would be worried except he can hardly breathe and he’s kissing back...
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The year is 2015. Destiel is officially canon, and the 10th and final season of Supernatural ends with post-sex cuddling on the night of Dean and Cas’s wedding. Destiel shippers everywhere rejoice. Supernatural goes down in LGBT history. And somewhere, from within the murky depths of spn_gossi...
Petition for Dean to carry Cas into the Men of Letters bunker bridal style after they’re reunited again.
destiel DEANCAS
Oh my god. I just cropped this picture and asked my boyfriend who he thought Dean was looking at. He said, “I don’t know, does he have a wife? It’s probably his wife.” And I just
I have this goofy little headcanon where Dean starts calling Cas “angel” as a term of endearment (but only when they’re alone), and Cas doesn’t quite get why Dean is calling him “angel” (because obviously he’s an angel). And so he starts calling Dean “...
The first time Dean told Cas he needed him, Cas clenched his fist to keep from hugging him. The second time Dean told Cas he needed him, Cas unclenched his fist to keep from hurting him.
Okay but I have this other headcanon that Dean’s eyes go black whenever he gets turned on. So Cas does his growly voice and - black eyes. Or Cas lifts something heavy and - black eyes. Or Cas gets pissed and beats the crap out of Dean again and - black eyes. And Sam is the one who catches on. ...
destiel DEANCAS poor sammy
hey, have you see the…? oh; accidental truths–“Dean,” Cas says, coming into the storage room. “Have you seen the…? Oh.” Dean sits up with a groan, inching away from the weird, stone-carved statue beside his foot. He’d caught it on instinct when it ca...
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I’d really like to bring to attention just how incredibly touching that conversation between Dean and Cas really was. Cas said things to Dean that he’s always needed to hear, but no one had ever bothered to tell him. He told Dean not everything is his responsibility. He told Dean he can&...