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DIY Studded Sweater | littleblacksalmiak.blogspot.com
Check out this lovely tutorial by Martina of Little Black Salmiak: This is an extremely easy, fast fashion DIY! All you need is an old sweater and some studs. Very carefully place the studs in the “holes” of the knit, to avoid ripping of the fabric. Be creative, use different colored st...
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DIY Skirt Tutorials
Because skirts will always be more flattering and more comfortable than shorts. Plus, they’re a fuckload easier to make. Here are a bunch of skirt tutorials I found online. There are lots more, but I picked these because they were cute: 5 minute skirt Tiered ruffle skirt tutorial DIY mini ...
DIY: Spacifying stuff
The boots got (relatively) massive amount of attention a few days ago, and someone asked for a tutorial. Since I had no plans to make more boots (and didn’t have any spare boots to spacify anyway) I instead decided to continue with the suit and make a tutorial out of that. The process is mos...
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DIY 001: Drawing 101
Before you start with drawing people from photos or attending model sessions, you need to understand the basics, which means still lifes. First familiarize yourself with the concepts layed out in the below listed books. Basic PerspectivePerspective Made Easy by Ernest R. NorlingPerspective Drawing H...
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How To: Be a Heart Breaker seduce kill take the heart then rip it apart
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