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If anyone’s interested I’ve made some pixels by 黒瀬いつか transparent and separate for blog use or anything really!! EDIT: I fixed some of the pixels. Also, please remember to source either this post or the creator of the pixels! Thank you.I made a tutorial.   AOBA: REN: NOIZ: CLEAR: KO...
my graphic im so excited DRAMAtical Murder DMMd virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Aoba (DMMd) Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) noiz (dmmd) Mizuki (dmmd) koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd) usui (dmmd) LOOK AT ALL THE BAES
my gifs DRAMAtical Murder DMMd Aoba (DMMd) Ren (DMMd) dmmd* dmmd anime YEEEEAAAAA GIF GAME FASTT
DRAMAtical Murder DMMd koujaku Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) aoba seragaki noiz (dmmd) mink (dmmd)
MY EDIT animanga DRAMAtical Murder DMMd bl game honyarara Nitro+CHiRAL Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) noiz (dmmd) koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd) edit:dmmd honya lala
DRAMAtical Murder DMMd shi's art Ren (DMMd) aoba seragaki noiz (dmmd) toue (dmmd) clara (dmmd) yoshie (dmmd) I'll never get over that scene never/
okay but at least ryuuhou was a good artist could you imagine if koujaku’s tattoos were just
DMMd dmmd anime dmmd anime spoilers
DRAMAtical Murder virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Ren (DMMd) Sei (DMMd) Seragaki Aoba Clear (DMMd) shirosakis edits noiz (dmmd) Mizuki (dmmd) koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd) hahahaa ahaha a h
my gifs my stuff noiz DRAMAtical Murder DMMd virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Aoba (DMMd) Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) aoba seragaki dmmd re:connect koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd)
DRAMAtical Murder DMMd precious babbu Clear (DMMd) dmmd gif dmmd reconnect
1k myedits mygraphics hella DRAMAtical Murder DMMd aoba seragaki renao ren dmmd graphic: dmmd myedits: dmmd
long post DRAMAtical Murder DMMd virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Nitro+CHiRAL Aoba (DMMd) Ren (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) noiz (dmmd) koujaku (dmmd) mink (dmmd)
Mink’s episode is titled “Faith” because ya’ll need Jesus
clear icons mink DRAMAtical Murder DMMd koujaku virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) art(?) by me Ren (DMMd) Sei (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) aoba seragaki Mizuki (dmmd) mink (dmmd) halloween icon
1k t gif DRAMAtical Murder DMMd dmmd anime T dmmd
here we go again long post DMMd koujaku virus (dmmd) trip (dmmd) Sei (DMMd) Clear (DMMd) aoba seragaki noiz (dmmd) dmmd spoilers mink (dmmd)
DMMd Clear (DMMd)