1k arrow oliver queen long post for ts arrowedit felicity smoak olicity oliver x felicity [cries a lot] myarrow DO YOU KNOW HOW COMPLICATED THIS WAS TO MAKE. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE THE SHIP. ((some of them have periods my bad its a habit just ignore and move on))
disney tarzan mygif do you *tar do you know how hard it was to get tumblr to upload this
One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne mine 1D Ziam CRYING OMFGOMFG PUKING RAINBOWS AND EVERYTHING GOOD do you know how payneful this was to make
buzzfeed posted this: so obviously i decided to create a rebuttal: also again 17 I LITERALLY JUST STARTED LAUGHING OUT LOUD omfg there’s like 3 more hair ones so (made their siblings famous) josh def...
pete wentz e Patrick Stump Peterick ignore this *whispers* i do not know how to edit things this was experimentation nothing looks right how even do u make nice edits
bap b.a.p himchan bapedit himchanspenus how do you like your ratfaced oppa now i was so conflicted as whether to make this colour or black and white
B1A4 Jinyoung all about jung jinyoung i hope this is what you want anon do you know how hard it was for me to make only 8 gifs forever working that color it was really difficult for me to choose my favorite moments with red hair jinyoung these are just a few of them should i make part 2?
homestuck bro strider bro sprite edits sprite edit andart homestuck sprite edit cana-mochi this was really hard to do i didnt know how to make bro any cooler so i tried giving him some more realistic proportions instead and some luscious hair always the luscious hair
you know like how andreas gifs this took me a week to make i mean I did all of the doctors and and then the clock was a bitch to do and i had to fix one of clock because it didn't move in the right way which took me another hour to fix so thank you for liking this and reblogging my hard work just don't steal it that's all i ask of you
  • the staff:*fucks up*
  • xkit guy:my apologizes for this
harry styles is a literal noodle a tall and gangly and wiggly noodle im going off the edge look hes just a limp piece of spaghetti i tall and curve-able im going to drown u in sauce his limbs are uncontrollable they just dangle around look at him wiggling around ?? help him he cant ...
She lost him but she found herself and that was everything.
like, yes, ‘one direction’ is the creation of a capitalist monolith, closely managed with the central purpose of provoking a money-spending reaction in the young female demographic. but also. they are my sons.
gif love sad movie zac efron Nicholas Sparks something hard explain yourself complicated the lucky one understand even you can't how do you begin to
"no homo" I whisper as I look at my garden of pea plants. The progeny had expressed a 1:2:1 ratio of genotypes. I am Gregor Mendel. 
style taylor swift clean 1989 This Love wildest dreams shake it off bad blood i wish you would i know places welcome to new york Out Of The Woods blank space how you get the girl all you had to do was stay
1k mine how i met your mother barney stinson s1 ted mosby sunrise Pilot parallel S9 best i could do these suck ass i know but my computers broken and i really wanted to make this
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith dw the doctor 11 Eleven My art myedit fez 11th Doctor digital art geometric the 11th Doctor triangles not sure if i like it do you even kNOW time of the doctor do you know how long it took to make this i could have painted two full paintings but i did this instead geometric portrait