* Sebastian Stan sebstanedit
Adidas, the world’s second-largest sportswear company, has added a clause into its contracts with the sportsmen and women it sponsors spelling out that if they reveal publicly that...
English teacher Jeena Lee-Walker said her bosses at the High School for Arts, Imagination and Inquiry urged her in November 2013 to be more “balanced” in her approach to the raci...
photoset hamilton daveed diggs
Oh Shit Markiplier danny sexbang jacksepticeye
filmed my boss firing me from my sales position
makeup Racism 10k 15k 20k natalie MAC Cosmetics microaggressions 25k colorism long post clapback bad service black twitter nochillatall nattstacks ghanian princess
gif ** lana del rey lanaedit lanafan ldredit
zodiac astrology gemini gemini facts gemini traits
i think my chem is one of the few bands who consistently had good merch and the reason for that was gerard’s $200,000 investment into art school
disney kingdom hearts starwars artists on tumblr square-enix Lucasfilms nikolas a. draper-ivey nikolasdraperivey
somewhere out there is an alien ufo pilot is getting fired for their unprofessionalism
painting victorian mythology icarus Pre Raphaelite herbert james draper aestheticism
Oh my god. I'm crying. Syco is so fired.
God is good fuck these idiots racist getting fired
pink January Jones screencaps mad men betty draper my aesthetic
cute kawaii pink purple nature colorful pastel pink hair pixel art pixel pastel goth donald trump trump soft grunge you're fired the donald Make America Great Again make anime great again trump16 kawaii candidates donald trump 16
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