• Daredevil Matt Murdock foggy nelson is this not me mattfoggy i couldnt help myself i remembered of that cap 2 one AND I HAD TO DO IT •
* doctor who eleven x amy otp: gotcha OH TAKE ME BACK TO THE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAART when amy left no one could be looking at the angel the doctor had his eyes on her and only her he knew what she was doing and he did not take his eyes off her for a second one last look at his amelia pond before she faded from him oh look I made myself hurt that stupid bottom cap of eleven it hurts more than anything tbh when he says 'I'll never see you again' and amy just replies with 'don't worry i'll be fine. I'll be with Rory' yeah but what has the doctor got? who has he got? amy is the most important person in eleven's life and she's suddenly gone he won't be fine
reblog self esteem but Signal Boost it broke my heart i dont usually do this no cooper dont turn into your sister
A year ago today I was hungover. I’d spent the previou...
animals Personal fish walmart betta betta fish beta fish betta splendens fighting fish how to fix something that pisses you off: blog edition
supernatural dean winchester Graphic spnedit i'm very emotional today so i just had to kind of punch myself in the face with this
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type: gif hyuk ken vixx hakyeon (editable vixx file vid; cr jinhwan) going through a vixx file rewatch this is still one of my fav moments bc 1) hyuk doesn't cry 2) hyuken 3) HAKYEON'S FACE i still don't quite understand what's going on in this conversation bc it deviates so quickly but hakyeon's face is gold i was also going to gif the next part of this bc hyuk says Some Things and it rly shows the difference between 2013 hyuk and 2014 hyuk but that can wait!! ! also i like that hyuk remembered he had to speak abt his troubles bc he got nominated so here he is (and yet.. the hyungs..) (... still on his case)
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My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml
austin carlile of mice and men Rocksound
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mine how to train your dragon *gif t httyd httyd 2 httydedit dreamworksedit these gifs are all over the place but i couldnt help myself also i still cant color cgi movies [desparate laugh] will probably remake this into a better post when im motivated enough to dl the trailers
~ atla zuko avatar the last airbender 1kp atlaedit ~picspam
cats animated gif motion graphics I LIKE CATS goggles russian blue Andy Prokh pat myself on the back goggle cat gogglecat hypno cat hypnocat better than a reblog mind games of ozzy
mine Graphic naruto uzumaki I actually started this like 5 hours ago and got distracted by various things and just remembered it was sitting in ps shjafgs like I said I don't know why I decide to make sad things or anything at all :'( I can't tell you how much I wanted to fist bump every pedestrian as I ran through my neighboorhood screaming HE DEFEATED PAIN! THE VILLAGERS ACTUALLY FUCKING RESPECT HIM HAHAHHA REGRET BEING A BUNCH OF JERKS TO HIM DON'T YA?! after watching that ep daps bitches naruto has every right in the world to just one day say fuck it all I'm not feelin' it because he works his ASS OFF I wish I could find in myself the determination that naruto has I will forever love him for everything and anything he chooses to be he deserves nothing but the best :')
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max Simmons Red vs Blue rvb RoosterTeeth grif rvb1 rvbthings rvbedit im just too lazy to tag this it took SO FUCKIN LONG to make like TWO HOURS LONG this used to take me about 5 min NOT TWO FUCKIN HOURS I HAD TO WAIT FOR 10 MINUTES FOR IT TO FUCKIN CROP now i remember why i dont make gifs anymore im gonna need to transfer all of my files to my other computer and then do a full wipe of this computer because its barely running at this p i can barely use it for anything beyond simple browsing i hate it so fuckin much i just want to make gifs again and NOT have it take half a day and that first gif has text that is just above the second one cause photoshop crashed as i was doing them and it is pissing me the fuck off just like no be even stop it
edits game of thrones ?? Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister Joffrey Baratheon Sansa Stark margaery tyrell Tyrion Lannister Robert Baratheon House Lannister Tywin Lannister myrcella baratheon tommen baratheon asoiaf spoilers hear me roar i'm sure this idea has been done before but whatevs if only i could make gifs... you can tell what i watched all day yesterday... for the 100th time this is NOT a crossover. i repeat -- NOT a crossover. i am not insinuating that 'jaime is michael' or something... i has nothing to do with the actual characters on arrested development this is merely House Lannister in the opening credits style of AD. that is all. got it? cool. leave me alone now.
audrey hepburn sorry for the rant