• Daredevil Matt Murdock foggy nelson is this not me mattfoggy i couldnt help myself i remembered of that cap 2 one AND I HAD TO DO IT •
supernatural dean winchester Graphic spnedit i'm very emotional today so i just had to kind of punch myself in the face with this
me qwoc gaining confidence
animals Personal fish walmart betta betta fish beta fish betta splendens fighting fish how to fix something that pisses you off: blog edition
A year ago today I was hungover. I’d spent the previou...
mine tbh my best friend sent me this and i had to go fav n retweet it myself today is such a good day like one of those where u look back when u were sad and are so grateful u decided to stay it gets easier and life gets better i promise u can't forget that
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type: gif hyuk ken vixx hakyeon (editable vixx file vid; cr jinhwan) going through a vixx file rewatch this is still one of my fav moments bc 1) hyuk doesn't cry 2) hyuken 3) HAKYEON'S FACE i still don't quite understand what's going on in this conversation bc it deviates so quickly but hakyeon's face is gold i was also going to gif the next part of this bc hyuk says Some Things and it rly shows the difference between 2013 hyuk and 2014 hyuk but that can wait!! ! also i like that hyuk remembered he had to speak abt his troubles bc he got nominated so here he is (and yet.. the hyungs..) (... still on his case)
My art i ahve about a million thingvs to do and really detailed art is not one of those things fuck me i wasted like 2 hrs on this ifml
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austin carlile of mice and men Rocksound
gif believe birds dancing animated animation fox go ahead never stop dreaming never stop exploring try your best never listen people who want you to stop ! you can do it ! THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING !!!
mine how to train your dragon *gif t httyd httyd 2 httydedit dreamworksedit these gifs are all over the place but i couldnt help myself also i still cant color cgi movies [desparate laugh] will probably remake this into a better post when im motivated enough to dl the trailers
~ atla zuko avatar the last airbender 1kp atlaedit ~picspam
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my gifs doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith mine :( i couldn't help myself first doctor kind of William Hartnell david bradley dwedit an adventure in space and time i teared up and i watched this after eleven was gone there's a continuity mistake in this scene you can't really see it here bc i cut it but it always bugged me
cats animated gif motion graphics I LIKE CATS goggles russian blue Andy Prokh pat myself on the back goggle cat gogglecat hypno cat hypnocat better than a reblog mind games of ozzy
gif mine babies Daredevil Matt Murdock marveledit daredeviledit Claire Temple mattmurdockedit matt x claire clairetempleedit fyeahmattmurdock mmweek hate that i missed day one :( idk if i can make something for every day but i'll try