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“We’ll apparently see “decapitated rebels, people being dismembered by Vader throwing his sword [and] levitating bodies to make human shields” in the battle seq...
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  • Medical droid:I mean the bad news is we did literally pull him from a volcano so his limbs are pretty fucked and he can't breathe right but the good news is we reckon we can sort that with a suit and a mask to get him extra oxygen
  • Palpatine:Okay cool. See while you're doing that, can you put a voice changer in it?
  • Medical droid:What
  • Palpatine:He sounds like a whiny little bitch I need you to make his voice deeper so people will take him seriously
  • Medical droid:I mean we could try but-
  • Palpatine:How are you gonna fix his limbs
  • Medical droid:We thought standard prosthetics would-
  • Palpatine:Make him 7 feet tall
  • ...
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