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a post containing links explaining what went on: summary of the con schedule of the con clarification of the “cancellations” (extra hour in the ball pit) post explaining dashcon’s faults  first POV of an attendee (they left before the “17,000$” dispute) play by play o...
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Clarifications and back up plans-
Hi DashCon Attendees!  It’s been a crazy weekend this weekend, and we literally cannot apologize enough for all of crazy things that have happened. With regards to today and Welcome to Night Vale, we don’t want to get into it, but we want to officially say that we did have the money for ...
attention to all dashcon attendees someone urinated into the ballpit while it was empty and posted it in the tag stay out of the ballpit
SO WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE DASHCON TEAM?or: How The Dashcon Team Manged To Accumulate Another $120,000 In Debt While Trying To Run A Second Convention In 2015(in time for the glorious one-year anniversary of the ballpit)So everyone remembers what happened at Dashcon 2014?Megg Eli and Cain Hopkins h...
So, after all the night’s confusion and misinformation we want to give everyone the full explanation of the events surrounding 7-11-2014. First, we did owe the hotel money, and that is nothing I can get around. It’s extremely common to owe a hotel money for an event at the door, and we m...
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Reports are still coming in but here are the facts we’ve verified at FIJMU: Welcome to Nightvale has cancelled. The game room only has one video game system and one television. The two are not connected. Under 500 people showed up. The hotel does not have wi-fi. People playing in the ball pit ...
All these accounts of Dashcon read like the synopses of Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes like
This all just seems like a complex scheme devised while eating cat food and huffing glue I am just saying
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DashCon 2014 was a ton of fun and super great (????) The admins did their best to make everything as wonderful as they could (????) There were no fights or arguments, just all love (????) If you shit talk about DashCon 2014, I will find you and skin you (???)?
Dashcon 2015 is a SCAM.
If you have been interested in going to a convention then do NOT try to go to or donate to Dashcon 2015.This is a SCAM of a SCAM.Dashcon, if you are seriously living under a rock, was a scam convention that happened last year. it involved a kickstarter, lots of money being lost, a lack of an actual ...
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Date someone who makes you feel like you have an extra hour in the ball pit