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Happy Birthday David Tennant!
and thank you for making me fall in love with a wonderful show.
ATTENTION WHOVIANS (and David Tennant fans)
Tomorrow is that wonderful mans birthday so I suggest tumblr having a Tennant Thursday and celebrating this man for changing all of our lives. SPREAD THE WORD!
gifs David Tennant Nevermind The Tennant
gifs David Tennant Nevermind The Tennant
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David Tennant Fan Letter Project
(reposting in an attempt to make this more compact so people will actually read it)What It Is?: A collection of handwritten letters to David Tennant to be put together into a book to be given to him during one of his performances of Richard II in LondonWho?: Anyone, anywhere, who is a David Tennant ...
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  • Christian O’Connell:Billie Piper, Freema, Catherine Tate. Snog, marry, throw off a cliff.
  • David Tennant:I would, I would marry all of them. In some strange mormon ceremony.
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