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The thing is: when someone calls you too skinny, that hurts. It’s inappropriate, hurtful, and makes you self conscious. But at the end...
I’ll never understand how it’s okay to tell a skinny girl ‘go eat a cheeseburger’. Like, it’s really not different than telling a fat girl to starve herself. Body shaming is never okay on either side.
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“All bodies are beautiful, but…” Stop. “Nobody should be insulted because of their body, but…” Stop it. “I know skinny girls have problems, but…” Just stop. “I know it’s hard out there for fat women, but…” STOP.  “Getting your feelin...
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The reason Jennifer Lawrence is allowed to be a body-positive role model to young girls and “chubby” women is because she is representative ...
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Woman has a lot of sex: Whore. Man has a lot of sex: God. Woman is virgin by choice: Pure magical creature. Man is virgin by choice: Loser. society u ok
John Green
Most of his books center around the trope of “manic pixie dream girl.” (A girl who exists not to fulfill her own needs or desires, but to save / enlighten the, usually male, character. Is treated as more of a plot point / prop than an actual person.) More here. Commented on how nerd women are an “un...
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