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gifs movies shows eliza m: marie antoinette filmedit m: house of flying daggers perioddramaedit m: the painted veil pdplus m: jodhaa akbar m: belle m: jane eyre tv: poldark m: a royal affair m: the great gatsby m: picnic at hanging rock
* I WAS DYING jane the virgin rafael solano petra solano jtv*
Deadpool Thor Wade Wilson spider man peter parker Marvel Jane Foster long post wednesday spoilers Jenny the Succubus
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I was quiet, but I was not blind.
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jane austen was so lit because she wrote about men the way men typically write about women i.e. her stories just centered around women and men were only there for the sake of women, and her books could have been all bitter and sad about the state of women in that century, but instead they’re sweet h...
gif mine movies Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet Jane Bennet Mrs. Bennet Mary Bennet Kitty Bennet p&p
Charlotte Lucas: The First Millennial.
Consider this: Gwendoline Christie playing the romantic lead in a Jane Austen adaptation, or indeed any period piece. Nothing else changes. Nobody draws attention to the fact she’s a woman. It’s just two solid hours of Gwendoline Christie on a horse and wearing a suit and sweeping maidens off their ...
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mine how did we get here jane the virgin jane villanueva jtvedit petra solano jtv* jane x petra jetra also. new icon. :)
mine 5h lauren jauregui fifth harmony camila cabello normani kordei dinah jane hansen normani hamilton anti taylor swift ally hernandez jesus idk anti camila cabello or maybe it's more
LOL gifs Season 2 2x14 jtv jane villanueva jtvedit jtv spoilers petra solano jetra i love that petra and rafael had no idea about frozen
mine ugh jane the virgin jane villanueva jtvedit jtv spoilers petra solano im still very bitter about the... events of last week and i know those two will never ever be together but it was a very cute episode and im really happy they are letting them be friends if im gonna insist on making gifs this big a should at least wait for the 1080p version also does tumblr really need to put the gifs 20m apart
my stuff Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth Mr. Darcy jane austen i couldn't resist actual grumpy cat mr. darcy pride and prejudice crack
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** fifth harmony Dinah Jane laurinah DIIIINAAAHHH
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