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Dobby the House-Elf
More shameless Harry Potter fanart for Toronto Fanexpo this year! I was painting this… and realized both these characters are dead :(Prints will be available on Etsy soon for those interested!Initial scribble:
harry potter Dobby amigos mama chistes salir MAMAs calcetin dobby harry potter
Dobby 10 hpdh Dusan
Dobby 10 hpdh Dusan
bellatrix lestrange Dobby
Dobby 10 hpdh Dusan
my Dobby
harry potter mine hp Dobby hpgraphic dobby the house elf hpedit
harry potter graduation hufflepuff Dobby dobby is free house elf diploma grad cap
Dobby 10 hpdh belatrix belatrix lestrange Dusan
* gifs deathly hallows 5k Dobby hpgif maria hpedit
Dobby i'm sorry i don't know why i did this bless him myartyart poor dobby
harry potter ** Dobby hp2 cos hp**
ron weasley Dobby ron 10 hpdh Dusan
harry potter Dobby hpedit myeditsone hp mine obvisouly the art of dobby isn't mine but i used it anyway
Eu estarei por perto quando você achar que tudo acabou.
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