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My art fan art doodle magnolia Dogmeat john hancock fallout 4 piper wright
gif Fallout fallout 4 orginal the meme theres a new dogmeat and hes a huge baby i havent made gifs in soooo long
Dogmeat fallout 4 fo4 { OFF THE RECORD; }
my doodles Fallout hancock Dogmeat danse john hancock fallout 4 imagine-your-oc oc meme sole survivor nick valentine Paladin Danse piper wright MacCready robert maccready robert joseph maccready sorry if someone did this already?
strong Fallout Piper cait hancock everyone ever Dogmeat deacon fallout 4 curie codsworth sole survivor nick valentine MacCready almost i got lazy
gaming Fallout Dorkly New Vegas pip boy Dogmeat Nuka Cola
1k gaming my stuff 2k Bethesda Fallout 3k Dogmeat Falloutedit fallout 4 look at this precious bb gamingedits ready to tear out raider throats can't wait to fuck the wasteland's shit up with him
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Say something a Fallout gamer would never say
Fallout nick valentine HI PICCHAR picchar as my witness HAHAHA
When a videogame character calls you their friend:When a videogame character calls you their family:
Fallout Dogmeat Junkyard Dog fallout 4 foedit @ people asking the other dogs are bought from a rare encounter guy named gene who generally wanders the commonwealth roads with a dog
1k mine maybe? DD mgs Dogmeat metal gear solid 5 fallout 4 d-dog good boys!!!!!! deciding who is the 'best dog' is irrelevent bc DD isn't a dog he's a wolf sooooo ;) this post is dedicated to PUPPY PAW PADS pretty sure there aren't any spoilers in this
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mine Fallout fallout 3 Dogmeat Lone Wanderer
fallout 4 Dont look @ me neko atsume nick valentine I LOVE DOGMEAT BUT WHERE'S THE CAT COMPANION HUH??????? you give us a character who's second name is literally valentine and make him unromancable and then you give us npc cats who are unrecruitable what is this bethesda??? what sort of sick game am i playing here