• Down The Way •
You are a police officer, you see a NAKED black man who might be mentally ill, but it is clear that he has no weapons, yet you shoot to kill? No tasers? No calling for backup? No tranquilizers or nothing? Bruh. There are wild animals that make it into suburbs and make it out alive escorted by police...
The Devil's Tears
Angus & Julia Stone  Down The Way
Angus & Julia Stone - The Devil’s Tears
mine Ewan McGregor Long way round still waiting for the next long way series while watching long way down again
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gif 1k Harry Styles 5k 10k 20k your back though the way your tee falls down your broad back and it looks so soft and i want it
taylor sits down at the piano, tears glistening in her eyes as she slowly looks up to the crowd, her voice as smooth as silk fills the room with the first line..”I’M LIKE 8 FOOT 4 BLONDE HAIR TO THE FLOOR U SHAWTIES NEVER THOUGHT I DREAMED ABOUT RAPPING HARDCORE”
victims of legitimate murder rarely die. from what i understand, the body has a way of shutting that...
mine TOS Chekov i'm laughing so hard omg mine: tos spockstiel the way to eden he just looks chekov up and down
IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!! People have always said Niall can't sing and management have turned down hi...
Nick Hornby a long way down
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homestuck Dave Strider My art have some doomed dave
black girls cute as hell and smart and perfect and are down for you and won't take your shit and are...
vintage lillian gish way down east wdegif
analysing panic! at the disco lyrics: basically insightful puns at every turn lol who needs titles that make sense sex???? what does that word mean let me just google it oh right that’s great I can use that in my next essay how can eyes be moon sized  doOrs„ more sex….I think…. wait hang...
Illustration bunny rabbit Literature Watership Down
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