• Down The Way •
The Devil's Tears
Angus & Julia Stone  Down The Way
Angus & Julia Stone - The Devil’s Tears
mine Ewan McGregor Long way round still waiting for the next long way series while watching long way down again
gif 1k Harry Styles 5k 10k 20k your back though the way your tee falls down your broad back and it looks so soft and i want it
mine TOS Chekov i'm laughing so hard omg mine: tos spockstiel the way to eden he just looks chekov up and down
victims of legitimate murder rarely die. from what i understand, the body has a way of shutting that...
IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!! People have always said Niall can't sing and management have turned down hi...
Nick Hornby a long way down
homestuck Dave Strider My art have some doomed dave
vintage lillian gish way down east wdegif
graphics gerard way k frank iero mikey way my chemical romance ray toro Bob Bryar heaven help us unholyverse
my gifs himym in a good way barney x robin really great and the gif making begins this moment was like i was down on my knees and it hit me in the head that's a great comparison karolina
me Personal
self music taylor momsen the pretty reckless rock the beatles Grunge gerard way punk frank iero my chemical romance bands Queen mcr Green Day Evanescence System of a Down Punk Rock Billie Joe Armstrong Mike Dirnt Tre Cool rock and roll amy lee serj tankian
mygifs captain planet captain planet he's our hero gonna take pollution down to zerooo he's our powers magnifiiiied and he's fighting on the planet's siiiiide gonna take pollution down to zero gonna help him put us under bad guys who like to loot and plunder YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS CAPTAIN PLANEEEET rap solo~ we're the planeteers you can be one too cause saving our planet is the thing to do looting and polluting... is not the way hear what captain planet... has to say THE POWER IS YOURS!!!! got blindsided by nostalgia the other day scuse me
queue Benedict Cumberbatch
photography design nature architecture travel california beach ocean Stairs photographers on tumblr original photo
To the tumblr team; I do not promote eating disorders, nor do I promote any type of self-harm. I don...