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This website is AMAZING and I will be using it with a few others hopefully soon its all based online played through a browser with an ENDLESS amount of options This is the video tour to check it out and here is a general GM tutorial on how to use it It’s a pretty easy to learn system and its r...
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Imagine Dragons  Night Visions
Radioactive - Imagine Dragons Welcome to the new age, to the new age.
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gif cute film mygif how to train your dragon dragons Night Fury Please allow me to introduce my queue its a queue of wealth and taste how to train your dragon gif god i loved this movie
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Imagine Dragons  Continued Silence EP
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
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my gif how to train your dragon hiccup Okay last one jack frost rise of the guardians rise of the brave tangled dragons and I really like this one and no; I don't really ship them I suppose I just broship them sdjfhsdjhf
On Top of the World
Imagine Dragons  Continued Silence EP
On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons If you love somebody better tell them whi...
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my gif brave how to train your dragon merida toothless hiccup rise of the brave tangled dragons gifseries: the big four I dunno; this is how I imagine their encounter Merida first met Hiccup in the outskirts of the castle he hid Toothless somewhere in the forest (who knows these people probably never even saw a dragon) she sees him sneaking out one day and decides to follow him she sees Toothless and immediately draws her bow and arrow (much in the way Astrid reacted in HTTYD) Hiccup intervenes and properly introduces them to each other though Toothless isn't too fond of the girl since the first thing she did to him was try to attack him and Merida just steps back; perplexed at a creature she never saw AND at the fact this scrawny looking guy can control it ... or something like that sdjkfdslk
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