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1k mine The Flash iris west theflashedit Eddie Thawne the flash spoilers Mine : The Flash westhawne fast enough Eddie x Iris tommy merlyn and eddie thawne deserved better
What I love about The Flash is that Eddie Thawne could have so easily been made into a bad guy. Not a meta-human/villain type bad guy. But one of those jerks who holds a grudge and is rude because he feels entitled to something. That would have been so easy to write. It’s the type of characterizatio...
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fanfiction writers are the best. when your favorite characters get killed off, messed up, or screwed over they just swoop in like
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* gifs* The Flash theflashedit flashedit Eddie Thawne eddiethawneedit ohlicity lmao he was already a hero tho they didnt need to have him sacrifice himself to prove that but whatever everyones gonna forget him and i'm bitter
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1k * misc roy harper barry allen oliver queen k* laurel lance john diggle arrowedit thea queen felicity smoak iris west cisco ramon Joe West Caitlin Snow theflashedit Harrison Wells lyla michaels Eddie Thawne *is nervous about this* i only included those who are alive
* otp gifs* The Flash iris west rick cosnett theflashedit flashedit Eddie Thawne flash spoilers westhawneedit westhawne RICKCOSNETTEDIT eddie t iris w this is why westhawne was so good they were FIT FOR EACH OTHER IM SITLL SO ANGRY I LOVE THEM AND MISS THEM WITH ALL MY HEART
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