• Eleven •
Life In A Fandom
otp interacts during a dry period otp finally interacts again    
ron weasley Christmas hp ss hpedit sphgif fudgeflies
beauty art fashion abuse news this is amazing long reads human rights tw abuse I BELIEVE IN HUMANITY AGAIN Acide attack
Doctor Who: Reindeer
Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Donner Blitzen
funny doctor who fez 50th anniversary fezzes are cool clara oswald eleven x clara
doctor who spoilers Eleven $ im sad dw*
1k mine beautiful My Mad Fat Diary sharon rooney nico mirallegro rae x finn mmfd mmfd spoilers rae earl Finn Nelson
at my wedding, I want 9 people dressed up as the members of the fellowship of the ring to attend and halfway through the vows they stand up and start arguing until the one dressed up as Frodo shouts “I will do it, I will take the ring to the bride!” then it just falls silent as he slowly...
doctor who eleventh doctor dw Eleven dw spoilers i had to 50th anniversary I'm so sorry the day of the doctor
but like why did i even think it was a good idea to start watching a show where they kill the main character every few years
doctor who eleventh doctor mine dw Eleven Rose Tyler edit ten Tenth Doctor rose nine puns ninth doctor 1000notes 500notes 5000notes 10knotes 3000notes 100notes 2000notes 4000notes very serious adult show cosmic 5 year old 6000notes 7000notes 8000notes 9000notes 15knotes 20knotes
Personal REAL MAD maybelline owes me $6 js
* mine dwgif Eleven dw spoilers river song ten nine Elizabeth X dwedit dw 50th WAR DOCTOR so many references and parallels maybe i make a part 2
doctor who Eleven ten 10k nine one Twelve seven five two three six Four Eight peter capaldi dwedit the day of the doctor
gif doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Eleven edit i'm so late doctor who 50th anniversary Doctor Who 50th the day of the doctor day of the doctor
* amy pond karen gillan matt smith mine dwgif Eleven Bill Nighy vincent van gogh tony curran dwedit
doctor who matt smith dw 11 Eleven my posts NOT MY GIFS
~ doctor who matt smith spoilers Eleven photoset3 dw s7
doctor who eleventh doctor matt smith Eleven Fanart xd this has got to be the best fanart crossover
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