• Emma Henry and the two idiots - lol •
1k LOL mygif once upon a time jennifer morrison jared gilmore ouat Emma Swan Henry Mills Keegan Connor Tracy the blue fairy AND THE TWO IDIOTS Selfless Brave and True
Once Upon a Time 2x12 Sneak Peek. HD
gif 1k mine Season 2 once upon a time snow white prince charming Emma Swan Henry Mills the charmings otp: the two idiots
3x05 2x20 3x10 3x11 1x02 1x13 2x14 Emma Swan 2x22 season two 1x18 2x19 season one 2x12 2x09 season three 1x08 graham x emma the charmings hook x emma ouatedit Regina x Emma Neal x Emma jennifermorrisonedit august x emma emmaswanedit henry x emma daddy!charming Snow x Emma gold x emma
mine parallels Swan Queen Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills gif:ouat ouatedit reginamillsedit swanqueenedit emmaswanedit otp: the queen and her knight the mothership baby!Henry
gif gifs stuff once upon a time emma Hook ouat Emma Swan captain hook Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit the coloring on 1st gif looks crappy but these two idiots are adorable
mg Swan Queen once upon a time Emma Swan Regina Mills Henry Mills ouatedit swanqueenedit SQ AU The Swan Mills swanmillsedit look at me tagging this like a freaking bot Happy Halloween SWEN
sherlock My art johnlock goldfish these two idiots i love them to pieces sherlock's like...oh and john's all...lol duh they make me procrastinate at work lol i hope i don't get fired for drawing slash all the time when no one's looking ahuhaufhufufff i bet john's been waiting there for like ten minutes waiting for sherlock to get it
1k my gifs mine chris pratt marveledit prattedit the biggest idiots in the galaxy LET'S IMAGINE A WORLD WHERE THEY MEET :')
1k * Swan Queen anyways Emma Swan Regina Mills ouat spoilers ouatgifs ouatedit reginamillsedit swanqueenedit emmaswanedit beautiful :') liz was bored so liz played with selective colors and liz probably failed i have so many feelings about these two idiots their developmenent in s3b has been brilliant so far i'm loving how they are working together trusting each other and now look at them slowly becoming a family with the charmings
my edits my graphics i hate them and i regret nothing Emma Approved knighthouse LOOK AT THESE TWO IDIOTS emma approved spoilers yeah i reused my own gif JUST LOOK AT THEM MAKING GOOGLY EYES AND TAKING COMFORT IN EACH OTHER
LOL spoilers once upon a time Regina Mills Henry Mills oh these two ouat spoilers ouatedit reginamillsedit henrymillsedit OTP: The Queen and Her Little Prince Regal Believer regalbelieveredit ffstuff How do they look so alike?! They aren't even related They aren't even PLAYING related
1k once upon a time ouat 3* ouat* ouatedit CAPTAIN CHARMING hookedit charmingedit those two idiots and their idiotic friendship
CrissColfer my stuff otp: like lovers these two idiots
1k mine Spoiler crying once upon a time AHHHHHHHH Emma Swan JM Henry Mills jg and his voice and it hurts ouat spoilers myouat ouatedit Miscactor emmaswanedit henrymillsedit they brought this back cause it was their first real moment together and emma called henry henry and not kid plus look at baby jared he was only 10 here never over that pilot scene
LOL spoilers Barbara Hershey once upon a time lana parrilla ouat 2x12 the two idiots
mine Emma Swan Henry Mills Captain Swan killian jones swan believer dark swan
my edits karen gillan John cho otp: power couple eliza dooley selfie abc henry higgs selfieabcedit henry x eliza selfie spoilers part two arrives! and by part two i mean the terrible awkward sadsville part she got so into it and now she's so embarrassed and he is sad and i am sad
* spoilers parallels 1000 once upon a time psychagif ouat Emma Swan Henry Mills es* Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit parallels* sdfjbsdf the whole episode is jsut a big parallel with the pilot lol