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I love the scene in There’s No Place Like Home where Rumpel changes Killian and Emma’s clothes Because Killian takes a moment to look at his outfit But then he looks at Emma and he’s just dumbstruck like ‘wow, she’s even more beautiful then usual’ look at this...
Regina will fight for her in the next season.
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I need  the next villain to make Emma freak out like; Rumple: His name is Christopher Robin. Emma: NO. No. Whinnie the Pooh is not evil. No. I’m done. I’m not fighting a teddy bear no. I’m done. And she just like walks out muttering how he better not be a Zoo owner.
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  • Ruby:What are we going to do about Greg?
  • Emma:But what are we going to do about Hook?
  • Neal:We have to find the Jolly Roger to get my father to safety?
  • Emma:I locked Hook in the basement - do you think he'll be okay?
  • David:You should have lunch with Neal.
  • Emma:But Hook.
  • Mary Margaret:Jellyfish.
  • Emma:Jellyfish are in the sea and you know who likes the sea? Hook.
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And now the haters are going after Jen… So I really feel the need to do this post for JMo this time. Who is with me?
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