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cherik look at me trying to be funny tag urself poor charles
*gif *a marveledit iamnevertheone xmenedit hahahaha im fine *charles *erik *otp: rage and serenity eriklehnsherr* @michaelfassbender
my favourite part of phantom of the opera is that they keep referring to him as ‘the phantom’ or 'opera ghost’ because it’s way less intimidating to say 'erik, the guy who lives in the basement’
:') cherik my shtuff my comics heheh yes yes I know stupid charl erik was right next to you i love the smol dorky charl a;slkdfjal;sdjkf FIRST COMIC ON THIS BLOG DRAWN BY A UNIV GRAD also i know the original joke is slightly diluted in my comic the person talking about the post is the '1 in 4' gay person but i wanted to draw the follow up smol cherik
* gifs ** Erik Lehnsherr farah marveledit xmdofp xmenedit peter maximoff usermichaelfassbender
phantom of the opera phantom Character Design visual development erik Celine Kim celinekimart
* gifs apocalypse Erik Lensherr xmen* marveledit by dan xmenedit x-men: apocalypse
sighs cherik my shtuff my comics Happy Valentine's Day :'3c to those already in feb. 14 <3 this made me really sad while i was drawing it people getting old :'( my favourite pieces are the last two pics they're so in love ;__; dofp's kiss is a Turning Point explanation: for the majority of the first few stages of their lives it's always charles making the move but 'something' happens and charles is left broken and now erik's the one to reach out to charles' heart and then in the xma and last pictures they love each other equally both physically and emotionally :') and it's only after dofp kiss that erik closes his eyes when he kisses and it's only in dofp kiss that charl's eyes are open tbh i only thought of all that after i drew these pics
1k * Erik Lensherr [gif] marveledit xmenedit fassyedit usermichaelfassbender ch: erik lensherr m: xmen: apocalypse
my:gifs xmen: first class marveledit my:edit xmenedit xmfcedit g: marvel usermichaelfassbender usercharlesxavier g: xmen first class g: xmen half of the gifs are cherik but i couldn't help myself
harry potter order of the phoenix MY EDIT ootp bellatrix lestrange hp hpgif hpedit tpanetwork
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painting LOTR Tolkien cherik my shtuff my paintings remember this? lol i forget to post things and erik is amused that this 100+ year old elf can still be so easily flustered BECAUSE ERIK IS ONE DASHING DUNEDAIN yesh those are butterflies they follow charles everywhere you'll notice the style here is a lot different from my usual 'painterly' style b/c this was painted wayyyy before my more 'painterly' pics IF ANYONE WANTS TO FIC THIS??? WINK WINK NUDGE HONK
Illustration color artists on tumblr erik svetoft ordkonst
1k gifs ** Charles Xavier Erik Lehnsherr x1 marveledit xmenedit xmcu xm: fc r: bookends of the same soul
My art Fanart X-men Magneto cherik erikandcharles A Bit of Charles and Erik Their love in a nutshell
photography scandinavia landscapes iceland minimalism minimal minimal design nordic architecture nordic photography
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