• First Born •
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I am absolutely in love with this new lore that they’re introducing, but I’m also completely¬†terrified¬†of what having the mark of Cain could mean for Dean.
So how’s crowley going to search the ocean if he’s a demon and the ocean is saltwater….
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So let me get this straight
The Beliebers decided to boycott Supernatural The internet decided to counteract that Supernatural therefore got its highest ratings since 2010 Supernatural got renewed two days later because of that, way ahead of schedule that is possibly the most impressive fail of 2014 so far, apart from Bieber&#...
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Supernatural : adding plot twists to the Bible since 2005
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You study east and western philosophy, psychology, physics, You think a lot more, and start to question existence. You wonder about your ner...
cain sacrificed his soul for his brother, to ensure his spot in heaven cain ended up hurting his brother when he wanted to save him colette forgave cain his transgressions, defended and grounded him cain prayed to colette cain is dean and there is sure as fuck no doubt in my mind that sam is abel an...
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