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Full and New Moon Schedule for the Remainder of 2014
JuneFull Moon – Jun 13, 2014New Moon – Jun 27, 2014JulyFull Moon – Jul 12, 2014New Moon – Jul 26, 2014AugustFull Moon – Aug 10, 2014New Moon – Aug 25, 2014SeptemberFull Moon – Sept 9, 2014New Moon – Sept 24, 2014OctoberFull Moon – Oct 8, 2014New Moon – Oct 23, 2014NovemberFull Moon – Nov 6, 2014New ...
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Full Moon Dates for 2014:-
January 15thFebruary 14thMarch 16thApril 15thMay 14thJune 12thJuly 12thAugust 10thSeptember 8thOctober 8thNovember 6thDecember 6th
Full Moon moon ocean ship sails
  • Normal person sees a full moon:oh wow that's pretty
  • Me looking at a full moon:my waterbending is stronger than ever
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