1k mine Dylan O'Brien stiles stilinski twedit GOD BLESS 1080P SEASON ONE GOD BLESS ASHLEY
wow harry, you just had to go and one-up your sister, didn’t you?
Christian good GOD BLESS god is love God is good God is Life
so in history we were talking about gothic cathedrals and my teacher asked us if we knew why people nowadays who dress in all black call themselves goths and no one knew so we said “no why” and he just shrugged and looked down saying “i dont know either i thought i could finally le...
shout out to fall out boy and all time low for leaking their own albums
“Mages can also choose to wear heavy armor.” (x)
  • josh:if i'm louder would you see me
  • niall:that line doesn't even make sense
  • niall:you would hear me before you see me
god bless dydney
GOD BLESS yik yak
GOD BLESS cameron hurley
“Kurt can no longer take Rachel’s arrogant attitude and calls her out, causing tension between the two friends.”
was about to make a post about how disappointed i am that the nicki minaj wikia isnt called “wiki minaj” but
god bless wheatus aw
there’s a special place in heaven for people who upload entire albums to youtube
lol guys are usually standing next to their dates or holding their hand, or even their hip but then there’s Will Smith
you know that feeling you get when your crush texts you and your heart jumps to your throat that is exactly how i feel when i see a putlocker link for the episode i’m trying to watch
Hey guys. Right now Tumblr has over 93,200,000 blogs, and only 148 staffers. Let’s raise a toast to those 148 people who have to deal with our shit everyday.
Jesus Bless you blessings praise Song of the day bless the lord blessing god bless you Praise God Bless the Lord oh my soul sing a song heaven bless you spiritual songs grateful praise
as the spn fandom hurltes towards a sherlockian level of insanity, the cast of the show does nothing to help but joins in